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Sometimes I feel lost. I don't know where I'm headed or what to expect. I feel like the only thing holding me together is my skin. I feel confused about my future, concerned for my present, and disappointed about my past. I know that I should follow God and be faithful to Him. Let him know my troubles and my fears, but I am still human and have concerns that just need to be expressed in words. I am trying to find myself. See what my purpose is. I get overwhelmed with my everyday responsibilities. Aggravated with my decisions that I have made, think about making and will make. I wish for one moment, we could see a glimpse of our future to see if we were making the right step, the right move. I hope that I can figure it out. Would be nice to feel as though everything is going ok. That my body isn't going to explode into a billions bits if I get a small cut. I fear that I will fail at the responsibilities I have with my son, my job, school, church. I feel inadequate to be in charge of the things I feel I have been led to be apart of . How do I understand what I'm suppose to be doing and feel content in that.

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