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On December 31st, I made several New Year's Resolutions. One of them was that I wasn't going to date for a year, unless God basically threw someone at me. Shawn was that man. I was 4 months into the year, and along came Shawn. He is truely a blessing in my life. I was at the point in my life that God's plan didn't seem to involve me ever dating or getting married. I had come to terms with this. I wasn't happy about it but I was willing to follow God's plan. Well, on New Years Eve 2008, I felt called to make the resolution not to date for a year. When I began to turn my focus on God, God began preparing me for Shawn. Shawn and I have been friends for a little over two years, but that's all I figued it would ever be. But then Shawn's contagious personality and smile began to tug at my heart. I began to fall for him before I ever told him I was interested.
Shawn makes me smile when all my mouth knows to do is frown, he gives me butterflies with just a look from across the room. He makes me feel as though I'm the only thing in the room that is worth looking at. I am so excited that God has blessed me so greatly with this wonderful man of God.

Thank you Lord, for blessing my life with Shawn. Help me to be the kind of woman you have planned for me to be, help me to support and cherish Shawn in all he does. Thank you for showing me that your plan is bigger than me or that of which I could ever imagine.

Gift from God

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What a beautiful boy! Thank you God for my precious boy!

My sister invited my son and me to a "prom" with a christian group with her church, with the theme of supereros/villians. Hunter was Bolt and I was The Scarlet Witch (from the original comic books stories of X-men). It was a time to get to know people our age, and enjoy some good clean fun. My favorite part of the whole night was watching my son dance and play with other people and just have a blast! There were a couple of girls there near his age, and he chased and got chased. Thank your God for the little things in life!!