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Why is it that I feel lazy and restless at the same time? I feel like running from whatever bothers me or stresses me out and then I have this little voice in my head that screams "QUITTER!!" Which then makes me angry and wants me to run back to the troubles and face them full on. I hate that when I feel like I'm all alone, I have the tendency to ignore the outstretched arm of God. There to comfort me. I know the right answers but my human self tries to take control and solve the problem for me without me even thinking twice about it and its not until I have been cornered that I then reach my arms up to Him and beg for His help and guidance. Shame on me for thinking I can handle it all on my own. Because you know when I think about it, when I am cornered and God is the only one to help me out, I still try to make it all better on my own. My prayer is that I can dive into the safety net of God and His words and His comforting mercy.
Thank you God for allowing me to realize when I try to take over. Thank you for putting it into the front of my mind when I'm out of line or not walking the path I should. When I get distracted from you!

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